Here we are. The first year of middle school. It seems like just yesterday we started this journey and now we are staring down the road with high school clearly in sight.

Our homeschool philosophy has evolved quite a bit in the last few years and I’ve learned to go with my gut and not with what every homeschool guru on the planet says is the best. We definitely do not fit a particular philosophy although we still prefer literature based learning. Eclectic is definitely the word I would use for us. I’m not the greatest at describing this so let’s just get to the good stuff.


Build Your Library Level 7

Elements of Literature


Saxon Math 8/7

Life of Fred Pre-Algebra


Guest Hollow’s Chemistry in the Kitchen

Science Fusion: Matter and Force


Build Your Library Level 7


Build Your Library Level 7


Exploring Nature with Children


Build Your Library Level 7

Painless Poetry


Geography Through Art

You are an Artist


Vocal lessons



As you can see, Build your library is the base of our curriculum. It’s a secular literature based curriculum and we have enjoyed it for the past three years. It’s easily adaptable and provides a great core for us to work from. We always enjoy the book choices and it makes my job so much easier as a full time working homeschool mom. Level 7 is World Geography and World Religions which has been extremely informational. I feel like we are learning so much more than just the location of different countries. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something more laid out but not terribly rigid.

Well, there you have it. Our choices for seventh grade. At the time of this post we are able four months into our school year and we are really enjoying our choices.

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